Saturday, October 6, 2007

Culture, Dahling

Yesterday, a friend called and said she had an extra ticket to see Philadanco I had no idea what that was but said "sure!" Any excuse to go do something and see a friend. It is the Philadelphia Dance Company. Once I arrived and looked at the program, I realized that I had wanted to see this performance when I received the schedule of events for the Performing Arts Center at the university. Then, I promptly forgot. How serendipitous that my friend would call and invite me! Thanks ACE!

I enjoyed the performance. They make it look effortless. I feel if I knew the routine, I could do it. (Right). They began moving on stage, some moving in unison and then it seemed everyone was dancing to the beat of their own drummer as it were. Spinning, leaping, twirling, whirling...they were whirling dervishes. Then it stopped and they would be controlled and precise in their movements. One piece called, "The Mourner's Bench" involved one male dancer and a bench. The section was a collage of Negro spirituals and he danced using the bench. All of his movements were slow and deliberate. You could see the muscles in his body as he stretched and balanced. Amazing.

The last piece was called "Enemy Behind the Gates". The program note reads: "Enemy Behind the Gates" is a work that was inspired by enemies that are within our midst. THEY LOOK LIKE YOU..THEY ACT LIKE YOU..THEY LIVE LIKE YOU BUT, THEY ARE NOT ONE OF YOU. The gate is not invincible but it's yours to secure. Set to the burning music of Steve Reich and danced by the explosive energy of PHILADANCO.
Now, I could see the theme in the other performances. The "Southern Landscape" about slaves and "Philadelphia Experiment" which was hip hop. But this one, Enemy...aside from the more regimented style of dancing, I have to say I didn't get this one as much. But that being said, it was all very fascinating.

Well, I'm off to the races, so to speak. One of my clients is getting married (in a castle, no less, in a medieval themed wedding) about a hour away. I must go gather my tools of beauty and schlep them over. I'll have more to share about that later, I'm sure.


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hepsmom said...


Glad you enjoyed the dancing business. I SO don't get that stuff, but kudos for you culturating yourself.

Happy Weekend!

Lunch on Monday? Maybe?