Friday, October 12, 2007


Pant, pant. I made it. I feel like I ran a marathon this week. Why did everyone want their hair done THIS week, I wonder?
I still have my Friday obligations. But if I get them done early enough, I'll have the rest of the day to...whatever.

I'm doing something interesting this morning. I'm going to do a voice over for a t.v. commercial for the local cable company. A friend of mine works there and asked me one day to help her out and now she calls me when she needs me. I enjoy it. Our salon also elected to do a promo (not a commercial) with her company and guess who was elected to do the talking for the video promo? It's amazing what you can do when no one else will do it. It's good for you. Makes you gutsy.

I'm hoping that I don't simply crash and burn this weekend. My brain's still rather mushy from this week. Maybe a massage will reconnect my circuits. I really hope to do some cleaning (eww) around the house. Rearrange some things. Think about the blue hallway. It's just too much blue. Funny how you can love, but hate something at the same time. My hair and the hall. That blue is a gorgeous color. I just hate it on the wall. I have the coolest haircut I've ever hated. Love the cut. It's modern, different. Good lines. BUT... it hangs on either side of my face. I think I need to open up my face more. Pieces fly across my nose and tickle. It gets in my lipstick/gloss. It ends up behind my ear which completely ruins the effect of the geometric lines. Wah,wah. Pity me. I just want short hair is all. I'm not getting into why I don't just go get it cut, but I'm trying to be considerate of someone else's preferences. (Hi, honey!) :)

Definitely need a massage. Hard work makes me whiny!


HeyJules said...

I say the hair on your head belongs to the person wearing it. Cut it. He'll still love you. Right Stan???

hepsmom said...

My hair never gets in my lip gloss! You should see my stylist. . . oh wait, it would be difficult to take your head off your shoulders. Sorry!