Monday, October 22, 2007

Trip Hangover

Went to see Momma and Daddy (and the rest of the family) this weekend. It was a good trip overall. Poor baby girl was puny with an upset tummy the whole time. She still has it and I think her Daddy is taking her to the doctor today. I tried some over the counter med, but she abhorred it so much I've stopped giving it to her. It didn't really work anyway. Poor baby. Breaks my heart when my girl is sick. I just want to sit with her all day and hug her.

The visit was so fast. I am so tired. We stayed up too late on Friday and then just as I was dozing off, hubby was up to change my girl. Then we were up early to join others in "Making Strides for the Cure". It was a walk for breast cancer held at a horse farm/track. It was lovely countryside. It was also incredibly humid. I walked instead of running because I wanted to be with my sister and because I was pushing my girl in a stroller and it was hard to do in grass. After 1 loop, my girl wanted to walk so I let her out and she walked and ran that last loop which I estimate at about a mile and a half! When it was over, we went to my sister's for breakfast/brunch. The day kind of evolved from there. I cut hair and purchased plumbing for my parents toilet. (Which I ran out of time to fix.) Dinner at a homestyle restaurant and our grandmother was able to join us. I was up late Saturday also, but I was able to spend some time with my immediate family. Sister, mom and dad.

Yes, I'm tired.

It was so worth it.


InTheFastLane said...

that looks really pretty, but humid drives me nuts. But, all for a good cause!

hepsmom said...

Congratulations, you have a baby runner! May you rest at some point!