Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm So Blue

After the weekend flurry of activity, life seems a bit anticlimatic in comparison. Everything is on hold as we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. It seems to take until Sunday to motivate myself into action to accomplish anything around the house. A very small window of accomplishment on my part.

That hallway? It is very blue. The color itself is beautiful. Hubby likes it. (He's fairly agreeable about such things.) He did make a comment as he came from the bedroom through the hall for the first time: " I wonder if this is what the Children of Israel felt like as they walked through the Red Sea?" It does feel a bit like you are walking through a tunnel of water. I've had suggestions paint a mural and make it like the ocean. Not the direction I'd like to take, I think. I'm living with it to see if it grows on me and mull over my options.

We had supper on the sofa last night and watched a video. *smile* After spending a pleasant Sunday a.m. on it drinking coffee and reading the paper, I haven't seen much of it since. Still, I smile everytime I look at it. Let me tell you, nothing makes you appreciate something more than not being able to have it for awhile. I experience that with the library and now the sofa. I feel a little more grateful towards those things now. Hmm. Maybe we should do some voluntary fasting of things we think are essential in order to appreciate it more OR find we didn't need it as badly as we originally thought. That requires some thought. Or maybe just some serious deliberation on being thankful. For instance, I couldn't go without my job (practically speaking), but I need to be more thankful for the fact that I have a job and I am blessed to enjoy what I do. God sends me enough clients each week to feed our family and pay our bills while hubby stays home with our girl.

Speaking of our girl, a minor miracle happened last night. After work, when I get home, I tend to put my hair back in a ponytail. Last night, the girl who will have nothing in her hair to hold it in any way shape or form, asked me if she "could have a tail just like my mommy." Be still my heart. She opted for 2 ponytails. One on either side of her head. She even slept with them!

Goodness, at the excitement around here!


InTheFastLane said...

I used to love doing Violet's hair. And then, once she got to be about 5 or 6, she wouldn't let me touch it any more. I was so sad. Maybe one day I will have a little granddaughter.

HeyJules said...

What a lovely moment with your daughter!