Monday, October 29, 2007

Do it or Die.

May I just say, nothing incites self-loathing more than going to try on jeans after lunch on your lunch hour (or two.).

I am fat AND short.

This may be the motivation I've been looking for, because, after trying on jeans and seeing my soft belly hang over the waist band of jeans that are my size, I want to immediately go run about 10 miles.

I've been thinking recently about taking a 6 week challenge with myself. It goes like this:

For 6 weeks, I watch what I eat more closely and make better choices more often. (That way, I'm not REALLY on a diet.)

I exercise EVERY day. Somehow.

The proposed schedule is this:

SUNDAY- Body Pump
MONDAY- Run or walk

Monday or Friday could be my day that I opt to take a day off. Just so I don't burn out.

O.K. Deep breath.

It's public. It's official.

Oh, crap.

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