Sunday, October 14, 2007


Ah, here we are at another Sunday night. On to Monday! I've decided that if I want to be profitable on Sunday, anything I want to do must be done before 2:30 BP class Sunday afternoon. I can't rev up my motivation after that because the afternoon is waning and I feel I should be winding down my activity.

Memo to self:
1 Eat something before BP to aleviate food visions during BP. Very distracting to smell pork chops cooking while working out.
2 No coffee an hour before working out. Bad to be on the treadmill counting minutes, not because I'm falling over because of exertion, but because I'm afraid I'm going to pee my pants before the 25 minute mark.

Well, I flitted all over this weekend. Dabbled in this and that. Did exactly 3 haircuts and one face peel Saturday morning. Started at 8am, left at 11am with a couple of 30 min breaks in between here and there. That's the way to work. (Except not a good way to make money.)
After work, I dashed to Plunderosa (my favorite second hand store) to grab a couple of rolls of fabric I've had my eye on. The fabric has couch possibilities. Then a walk across the street for a muffin and coffee from a local bakery, pet store for cat food and the local bookstore for some books I'm looking for. ( Feeling very indie shopper today.) The bookstore did not have the books I'm looking for but will order them. Drat. I've been looking all over for Amy Karol's book, Bend the Rules Sewing (click on my title for the link). Later in the day I took a spontaneous trip to Goodwill to donate a small batch of odds and ends and swung in to see what I couldn't live without. (A new skirt and matching top, and some colorful, beaded napkin rings that will most likely never see a napkin, but--who knows where they'll end up?) Before I could get very far from Goodwill, Payless called and said my frequent shopper status was in jeopardy if I didn't get in there THIS INSTANT! What's a girl to do? Of course, I found a cool pair of tennies with hearts on them for $6.00! Completely shopping sated at this point, I turned toward home.

Back at home, today, I've spent a little quality time on the couch reading the paper and sipping coffee, my favorite early Sunday morning routine. I've straightened a couple of corners. By no means did I move heaven and earth. Just a couple of piles of stuff. Put a coat of paint on a table, and some children's chairs outside. Like I said, I've flitted.

Guess I'll flit off to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day!


kim said...

sounds like a great weekend! does payless really call people? i don't know why but that seems hilarious to me...

hepsmom said...

Your comment about smelling pork chops during BodyPump was hilarious. Especially overcoming the body-funk smell of the room. Your brain has awesome powers.

"Yes, Mrs. Haselton, we have a shoe emergency. You MUST come buy some shoes or you will lose your ability to buy shoes here at Payless."

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