Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Don't Want Me As A Friend

Well, I didn't run today, BUT, I did work out. I found one of my old exercise videos circa the 90's. It was a 2 mile walk. I thought it would be really boring but was pleasantly surprised! I liked it because I didn't have to leave the house and go walk in the dark by myself around the neighborhood. This might be a good alternative. No matter how cheesy.

Last night after work, I went to have a quick dinner with hepsmom , one of my dearest friends. We went to a local wrap restaurant where she ordered the last of the salmon and I had to "settle" for shrimp. It was SO good. Their mango salsa is to die for! We decided we could drink their balsamic vinaigrette, it is that good. (She had the side salad-she's so good!)

BTW, just went to hepsmom's page and, "hello, friend? I didn't know it was your freakin' birthday yesterday! Why didn't you say?" AAARGGH. Bad friend alert!!! (Me) Go wish her a happy birthday guys....and help me redeem myself. Please.

Happy Day everybody!

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hepsmom said...

No apology necessary. Don't you know if it were a big deal I'd have been screaming it from the rafters?!? To me, a birthday is a time for reflection, not yelling for people to wish you a happy birthday and make them feel guilty. I couldn't have had a better birthday if you'd know it was my birthday!

You are, madame, a MOST EXCELLENT friend.

Love you, mean it!