Thursday, November 1, 2007

Letting My True Colors Shine Through

So I dressed up yesterday for the holiday (?). A couple of girls at work bought $10 prom dresses and dressed up as 80's prom queens. It was funny to hear them planning it. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. Everyone kept asking me if I was dressing up and as I had no particular costume in mind, I was wishy-washy. Maybe this is a sign of growth for me, but I was amused at how everyone was so concerned that they wouldn't be the only one dressing up. (There's that peer pressure again, Mrs. Incredible, just like you said.) I would dress up if I wanted to and could put something together whether they did or not. Hurray for me. I'm not a follower after all. (Sometimes.)
It was a simple pitiful costume, but I was relatively comfortable and thought it was fun. I pinned my hair up in a random crazy fashion, slapped on a tiara, wore a purple shirt with princess theme, black pants, pink tennis shoes, lots of bracelets, glitter on my face and accented my eyes fancifully with some eyeliner embellishments. OH! And I pinned some pink tulle as sort of a half skirt draped across my butt. Not too, too out there, but definitely not every day wear. One of the girls at work asked what I was, (a fairy?) and I said I was a "Figment of My Imagination." As you know, a figment is a small part, so I only chose to show a small part of my craziness. ;0) Fun!!! I was so glad to get that tulle off my butt. It got in my way.

Well, in case you care, I've worked out every day since Tuesday. Whoohoo, 3 whole days. Yeah, not impressive. Always easiest at first when you're fired up. Let's see where we are after the weekend. I have to work Sat, so no running. I'll have to fit something in somewhere.

Got to fly...
Have a blessed day.


hepsmom said...

Okay, I don't mean to be a smarty pants, but you know I have that proclivity. I looked up "figment" because I didn't know there was a quantity attached.



Main Entry: fig·ment
Pronunciation: \ˈfig-mənt\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin figmentum, from fingere to shape — more at dough
Date: 15th century
: something made up or contrived

You made me look it up!?!

HeyJules said...

I think your costume sounds wonderful but I have to say you are very brave for putting tulle around your backside at any age past 18.

You must seriously ROCK. :-)