Monday, November 26, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I'm going to confide in you my dear friends.

Please learn from my mistakes.

After largely giving up sugar and carbs for a week, don't give yourself a knowing wink and say, "Go ahead girl, after all, it's your birthday. You deserve to splurge!"

Nothing good will come of it, I assure you.

Not unless you enjoy spending a bit of the rest of your night giving thanks to the porcelain gods for the pound cake you enjoyed, chased by a generous slice of pumpkin pie and a small sliver of lowfat (so what?) chocolate pie.
But I ate raw veggies for supper! You exclaim. No matter, my dears. Those veggies and that sugar will go to WAR with each other and you will be conquered.

Please, please, I beseech you listen to me!

I'm just saying.

4 comments: said...

Oh, dear....
... you upchucked all your cake and pumpkin pie last night?
Oh, hell!

Mrs. Blogoway said...

that sounds awful. Hope you're ok.

hepsmom said...

Hope you feel better today!

HeyJules said...

Been there. Done that. I concur.