Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No Time! No Time!

I have no time for a proper post today. *fret fret*

When I got up this morning my hubby was up loading the dishwasher! He's been keeping odd hours recently. I fully expected him to be back in bed when I came home from exercise at 6:30, but NOOOO, he was up and on the computer!!! Doesn't he know the sacredness of MY time? Apparently not. I didn't say anything. We must remember to wait our turn, right?

Therefore, I'm frantically typing away when I should be making up my face to get somewhere by 9. Have to do a voiceover for my spa where I get massages. (Boy do I need one right about now!)

Must fly!


1 comment:

Mrs. Blogoway said...

Thank goodness my husband can't even type!