Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frugally Empowered

I fixed my shower head for 97 cents.

Hubby suggested I buy a new shower head. Tempting. I even looked at them. But if I'm gonna buy one, it's going to be what I want. What I want costs between 48 and 78 DOLLARS. There's nothing wrong with the one I have. It was just leaking where I screwed it on the shower arm that comes out of the wall. I knew what I needed. Sealant tape. 97 CENTS.

Simple right? Unscrew it wrap the threads with sealant tape. Screw it back on. The end.

Except when I do it, we have a new script for a Three Stooges episode.

I wrap the tape around the threads and discover as I try to screw the shower thing back on, I'm unwrapping the tape. I rewrap the tape. Screw on the connection. Hand tighten.

Being the brilliant person that I am, I turn on the water to test it.



Double check the connection. It's tight. Whaa...oh, it's the joint below that. It came unscrewed when I screwed in that top part. O.K. Let's try that again...wait. FIRST, let's pull the shower curtain as a shield...just in case.

Turn on the water...

I feel my feet get wet. WHAT?! Double @#*%$@#!

I held the shower head in my hand and had it pointed outside the bathtub.

But. I. fixed. it.



HeyJules said...

Bawaahaahaahaaa! Crack me up. But you go girl!

I fixed my lawn mower TWICE. Ordered parts and everything.

I am woman. Hear me roar!

Mrs. Blogoway said...

You deserve props!

InTheFastLane said...

I love being able to fix things. Nice job on the shower~