Friday, November 30, 2007



I've skidded into the weekend at breakneck speed, hair flying and rubber burning as I try to slow this machine down. I'm a bit bruised, maybe have a couple of abrasions, but I'll live.

I ended my work week with hepsmom,one of my best friends. After cutting her hair, we literally walked out the front door and across the street for dinner. How convenient is that? She had never been to this particular restaurant and I was anxious (in a very laid back way) that she would find the food tasty. I had a very tasty salad and she had a salmon blt. From the oohing and ahhing coming from her side of the table, I think we found success.

I came home to the welcoming arms of my family. I tell you, nothing erases memories of a hard day faster than the sound of little feet and "mommmmyyy!" . That big/little hug is the BEST therapy in the world. My hubby was also a comfort and it was nice to find solace against his capable chest.

This will hardly be a day off. There are everlasting errands to run. Groceries to get, a present to pick, and a deposit to decipher. At some point, I need to exercise. I can't do it now, because I'm talking to you. ;)


Sunday will be my salvation.

My respite.

My retreat.

Sunday's on the way.

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InTheFastLane said...

I got a day off because of a sick kid. We all sure need a reboot. Hopefully today will be mine, to boot me into the weekend. Have a good one.