Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snapshots of a Weekend

I passed this old building and decided it has character. I fiddled with it in Photoshop a little. I could imagine living here.

This little sweetheart walked into my life on Friday. However:
3 inside cats
1 "I've had it to here with all these cats" hubby
1 drop in kitty
4 too many cats (I'm only giving away the newest one though. The others are firmly ensconced)

I've enjoyed the little bit of fall color around here. Some, as close as my own yard.

I went to an estate sale... SCORE!
1- 6 1/2 ft. Christmas tree $5
1- big armload of fabric, shoe box full of assorted ribbon, a bracelet, and a "coral" necklace $6
1 happy camper

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the salon.
1 hairdresser
1 other hairdresser's nappy head
1 white chocolate mocha latte as payment
2 satisfied customers


Mrs. Blogoway said...

Wow. Your photos look great. Way to go.

Butterbean said...

I love today's blog! Love the pictures and the stream of consciousness writing! :-) You're so imaginative :-)

I need to blog again... I'm so slow at this! I'll get used to it, though.