Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Interrupt This Life to Bring You a Break

I had the most wonderful luncheon interlude yesterday.

I went to the university's botanical gardens and had a picnic. I sat on my jacket on the grass and ate my lunch while reading a decorating magazine, then I wandered around and found a bench where I sat and knitted for about 30 minutes. The weather was GORGEOUS! I sat in the sun but wasn't too warm. I could hear the sound of a fountain behind me. I enjoyed myself so much, I wanted to share it with my "photographer extraordinaire" husband. We've make plans to go this weekend and take a picnic lunch and our cameras!

We've been invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. On the one hand, I want to stay home and just be us. On the other hand (and this one may be winning out at this point), I want to go be with friends. These friends are the type that make you feel very at home. If I become overwhelmed by the activity and bodies, I can go hide somewhere and not feel rude of weird about it. BTW, this friend JUST started her own blog too! Go see her. I look forward to reading her entries. (I love that name! I laughed when I read that!)

I've been thinking of getting my nose pierced. Thinking and researching, that is. I think the small stud looks so delicate and feminine. A friend brought me some of those stick on "diamonds" so, for testing purposes, I put one on yesterday to see if anyone noticed. Most of my co workers thought it was cool and looked good. One of them had a strong, negative reaction to it. (As in she thinks it's wrong.) I was kind of surprised that it was such a conviction for her. To me, I just don't see how it's actually WRONG. A preference perhaps, but not wrong. I didn't feel she had a strong argument for why she felt it is wrong. Something about it's a tribal practice and you don't know the meanings behind that and such. I'm sure that has some truth to it, but it didn't stop her from piercing her ears. How perverse am I that I want to run out and do it because she had such a reaction to it? I promise I'm one to research the background for stuff and the LAST thing I will do is do something just because everyone else is doing it. I've found I actually run away from what is popular. How boring it is to do what everyone else is doing! I also know that piercing the nose comes from another culture and I want to find out the background on that. I don't want to be proclaiming something I don't believe in and not know it. I'm very aware that this is probably some mid-life crisis type of thing I'm going through. Well, it's cheaper than a sports car or a face lift.
If I do it, it will mean I got over the fact that I will be paying for something I absolutely don't NEED, and I will be paying for optional pain which I think is the stupidest thing of all.

Stay tuned....

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Mrs. Blogoway said...

That picnic lunch sounds wonderful. Don't you just love a perfect day like that where you can slow down and feel the sun on your face?