Sunday, November 18, 2007

Satisfying Sunday

I ask you... is this not the sweetest girl in the world?!

We had a lovely visit to Savannah today. The weather was beautiful. The craft fair was small, but everyone was sooo friendly. I bought a cloth, handmade shoulder bag, sack type thing. It's been a lovely weekend, we've spent a lot of time together as a family.

I baked some sour cream coffe cake this morning and it was delicious. I feel I'm on the way to redeeming my baking skills! Honestly, I was starting to get a complex!

Here's to a new week...and a short one at that!


InTheFastLane said...

She does look sweet. Glad you had a good day. Do you want to come bake for me? That sounds good.

Amy Nieto said...

Oh how I envy you! I wish I could've been there! Thank you for attending Mutation and supporting our artists. I'd like to see your purchased goodies!!! :D :D