Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Piece of My Mind...


Yesterday was a hairy day. And I mean that literally. I did haircuts every 30 minutes from 10am to 5:30pm with a 30 minute lunch. Twice, I had people show up for appointments when their appointments were on another day. I worked them in. One showed up late and my last two didn't show up at all, which meant I got off about an hour early. Amazingly, I stayed on time for everyone. I think. Can I just say, my back hurts a little today?

I went to Body Pump today, knowing that if I didn't it would have been almost 2 weeks since I had gone. The last time I went was a week ago today. It will be closed Thursday. (Why?) ;) I have still been faithful to my 2 mile walk video. I did that Sunday, since I knew I wouldn't go to BP. I've found that if I aim for everyday, I hit most days. If I aim for every other day, I miss most days. I have to play psychological games with myself, you see.

Speaking of psychology, I love the subject. I love how the brain works. I was thinking about moods this morning. I was wondering why I feel so good this morning. So capable. So awake. I noticed that I feel really optimistic this morning. Most days, although I'm in a generally good mood, I still fret over "stuff". Sometimes, I wake up just ill as a hornet. Maybe I should do my own research and track it. Hmm. I know part of it is, if I feel that all is right in my world, my mood reflects that. (Whose doesn't?) Negativity is contagious. Ever been in a good mood and someone else's bad mood pulls you out of your good one? Or situations. You feel great on the way to work, then, one too many yahoos pulls out in front of you and by the time you arrive at work, you're ready to kill someone. We are interesting creatures.

Well, I'm off to start my day. (Those who know me well would agree with the first half of that statement and end it there.)



Dawn said...

I always wanted to be hair dresser...but I don't think I could take the pressure of figuring out what people really want or trying to cut or style hair from a picture knowing full well it would not look right...
I have always cut my family's hair. Safe zone. If I miss a spot, I can always sit them down again and get that stray hair or two.
Thanks for stopping in yesterday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Blogoway said...

Are you guys departmentalized? Do you not do any colors?

I had a lady show up 30 minutes late today. I told her I could do her color/cut if she would wait for me to finish my last client. I stayed late for her (till 7:45 p.m.) and she never opologized and didn't leave a tip. Talk about starting a bad mood!

hepsmom said...

Hippy Chick does have a department, Mrs. Blogaway. It's the deparment of AWESOME. Just thought I'd brag on my friend who is quite adept at color as well as cutting. I can testify to her expertise in both.