Friday, November 2, 2007

The Most Humble, Amazing, Versatile, Non-Toxic Product on the Planet

First, to take care of business at hand... thanks to my personal English definition alarm in the person of hepsmom, (what would I do without you?) it has been brought to my attention that I need clarification on the definition of the word: figment.
"figment [ME, fr. L figmentum, fr. fingere to shape -- more at DOUGH] (15c) : something made up or contrived." Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
My point is, it has nothing to do with quantity, as in, " a figment is a small part, so I chose to show only a small part of my craziness." . My title was correct, my definition was wrong.
WHEW! I feel so much better to get that right with the world now!

O.K. I have a new bandwagon to ride. I have become enamored with....

baking soda.


It has to be the hardest working product on the planet! Versatile too. Some of the different uses I have found for it may not be news to you, but I'll list them to prove my point. Let me know if you have any earth shattering uses for this humble product.

Leavening (cooking)
Cleaning (makes a terrific scrubber for the tub and sink. Non-scratching)
Teeth cleaner
Odor absorber
ph restorer (apparently you can put it in the pool)
Buildup remover on hair ( if someone has hairspray buildup, I just massage some into wet hair and rinse. The hair feels so good afterwards!)

Anyway, I've been looking for ways to clean that are less expensive and less toxic. I've become more aware of this since having a little girl and realizing how careful we need to be about what she gets into and is exposed to. I found a great little book (surprise, surprise) called "The Naturally Clean Home" by Karyn Siegel-Maier It has many recipes using not only baking soda, but other natural and non-toxic products to clean everything from the bathroom to the garage. I find it covers almost everything you need to clean.

Well, maybe Arm & Hammer will call and offer me a gig promoting their product. Until then, I'll keep my day job.

P. S. Still exercising! Go me!

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hepsmom said...

Thanks for props. Baking soda, really. Al Gore is so proud of you keeping your toxicity low.