Monday, November 5, 2007


I enjoyed my Sunday so much! Getting up so early really made me feel I had a full day. It didn't speed by like some days do. I was so productive too! Cleaned two bathrooms and vacuumed. Washed some clothes. Woohoo.

After Body Pump, I had the nicest little Vanilla Chai repast with my friend hepsmom. My girl was with me and that certainly livened up the conversation. My girl has an imaginary black puppy that she was walking back and forth across the patio where we were sitting. Oh, it was such a lovely day yesterday! Afterwards, we went to the park and then home to make sugar cookies. I visualized frosting and sprinkles on those cookies, but hey, they're great naked, too. I even cooked supper last night. Golly, I'm such a homemaker!'

I started a new scarf last night. I am trying to knit a scarf for each member on hubby's side of the fam as Christmas gifts. That's 6 scarfs. I'm seriously behind. But if I crack down, I should still be able to get them done. I've finished about three so far.

I think I need a podiatrist. I have something in my big toe that hurts when I stand on it. What am I, 85? I'm knitting and I think I have a corn! Oh, good grief!

I'm still on the exercising band wagon, although I only did a mile walk today instead of the full two. I was stiff and just couldn't get the energy flowing today. Plus, that toe thing is seriously cramping my style. Enough already!

I'm gonna go get more coffee and see if I can inspire myself to start my day.
What will you see or do this week that will inspire you?
Watch for it!


HeyJules said...

Knitting AND toe problems? Yeah, you're only one heartbeat away from menopause. LOL

Mrs. Blogoway said...

I know. I know. I have a pain in my heel. I hope it's not that plantar afficitis? It's awful to fall apart before you're even 40.