Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where Am I?

I'm feeling a bit, um, foggy perhaps?

Looong day yesterday. Up at 5 for BP, then a full day of work during which I was also trying to get my act together because we were putting on a makeup demonstration/party thing for the major brand line of makeup we carry. It was all hands on deck. My job was to tell them the background of the makeup and basically why it ROCKS! Not hard, but still a bit intimidating. Sometimes, when I speak in front of people I feel I'm "on". I can mix the speaking extemporaneously with reading the notes in my hand. I tried that last night and got off to a good start, then started freaking myself out by looking at all their faces and deciding I was starting to bore them to tears because I was getting technical about the skin care and what it's made up of . I quickly wrapped it up before I started really just rattling jargon. You're always more critical of yourself about things you do, because my team told me that my portion was wonderful. I'll go with that.

Nevertheless, that took a lot out of me. I did hair up to the minute of the deal. I was doing a completely new look on my last client. I ended up doing her hair in a side private room and when we finished that (it turned out well, by the way), I literally walked out and we started the other gig.

When I got home, a bit numb perhaps, my dear hubby was a tornado whipping through the house cleaning. Past experience has taught me to just stay out of the way until the storm is over. I gladly do this because look at the benefits I reap! (Besides, when I'm intent on something, I have a hard time with interaction also.) The house looks so much better and now we have a spot for the Christmas tree!

When I woke up this morning, I was amazed to find I had slept through the alarm completely! I forgot to reset it and it was still set for 5 am from yesterday. Never heard it. Good thing BP wasn't today!

Fixing breakfast (a double portion of flax seed meal pudding), I discovered that somehow, my week/food ratio is off. I'm already out of milk and cream for coffee (a tragedy!). Now that I think about it, I did groceries a week ago because of Thanksgiving. Golly!

Well, gotta fly. There's hair to do, and I'm just the girl to do it!


Butterbeans & Turnipgreens said...

I love your blogs, HippyChick :-) I'm going to send your url to my sister, Ceilon. Here's her address so you can check her out, too. I can't wait for you to meet her when she comes for Christmas. I'm going have you over sometime while she's here.
Love ya,
There are kids to beat, and I'm just the mom to do it :-)

Butterbeans & Turnipgreens

InTheFastLane said...

What a hubby!
I am in need of a haircut and some makeup tips. Too bad you aren't closer to Indiana :)