Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Sighs

What's this about an extra hour of sleep when the time changes in the fall? How about getting up at the same time thinking it's 7 and then realizing you forgot to set the clocks back?! How giddy am I to discover that I have some personal time alone to do whatever I want! I've chosen thus far to spend it with you. Aren't I just the sweetest?! I have my coffee, and orange marmalade toast and I'm off to a good start. Soon, I'll go to the corner store for a Sunday newspaper and pile up on the couch with more coffee and see what's new. That's my Sunday a.m. routine. Love it. No matter where I am on a Sunday morning, I try to find a newspaper. Don't really care the rest of the week. Just Sunday.

So, I worked yesterday. My one Saturday a month for those who work out of town and can't get in during the week. Saw some of my favorite people. It was relatively painless, considering I was working. You know, I'm so blessed in my job. I work with people I like in an environment I like and I hardly have any clients that I don't like. I've found even if someone comes in that I don't feel I "mesh" with, eventually they weed themselves out. Yep! I love my job!

Well, I didn't officially exercise yesterday, but I chased my girl all through the house for awhile. Our living room is next to the kitchen/dining room with a doorway at either end of the room. It makes it easy to circle around and around while playing chase. "Yes momma, I was RUNNING in the house!"

Started cleaning up my craft room last evening. I can't make art efficiently if I can't find a work surface to work on! You know, if I had a week (at least) vacation home alone, I could get sooooo much done around here! Last night, my girl wanted to paint, and being the cool, artsy momma that I am, I said, "sure!". Then she moved on to other things so I said no more painting. Plus, she keeps pouring out more paint and has more than she needs, AND she's put on a cute little dress and wants to come back and paint! Cool, artsy momma notwithstanding, I'd had enough! I'm trying to clean and can't get much done for checking on her when my momma radar goes off. That's also why it's hard to make art when they are around because she wants to do something also. I can't set her up and supervise her and concentrate on my stuff to. I don't always feel this way. I want her to exercise her creativity. I want her to paint, draw and experiment. Just sometimes I need my own personal creative time.

Well, while I have a moment of my own personal creative time RIGHT NOW, I'm going to make the most of it... catch ya later.

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HeyJules said...

Beautiful photo, AJ. Very nice!