Friday, November 9, 2007

A Glimpse into Another Life

So, I went for my "old lady" checkup today. They stuck me in the arm in the name of finding out how my fluid levels are. Also, they suggested it's time for a mammogram. I've been practicing by slamming my boob in the refrigerator door and for variety, having my husband roll over it with the car.

Sitting in the doctor's office has to be one of the most boring things a person can do. There were no magazines and there was no music to take the edge off the deafening silence. Let me tell you, in a room of people who don't know each other and are studiously ignoring each other, the silence is deafening. Champion reader that I am, I had no reading material with me. A cardinal sin. I wouldn't go back out to the car to get anything, afraid they would call me back while I was gone. I preferred to sit in misery and punish myself for being so thoughtless.

While I was sitting in la la land, an older couple came in. They spoke to someone they recognized and this being the deep south, began a pleasant conversation. I was content to shamelessly eavesdrop. (You could hear a mouse whisper anyway.) I became drawn to this couple as I glimpsed a sliver of their life through hearing their light chatter. They spoke of restaurants and early bird specials, old friends they hadn't seen and family members they had. The weather that is cooperating so nicely for the football game tomorrow and their intent to attend. Another couple entered the waiting area: an elderly gentleman pushing his wife in a wheelchair. They knew this first couple and I was touched by the gentleness with which the first lovely lady began to inquire of the arriving couple. The gentlemen talked of going fishing where if nothing else, they could get a good nap. (smile) I was wondering what these stooped, white hair people had been like at my age. What did these men look like before time began to age their bodies? You could still see the vitality of life in the eyes of these four people. Even the lady in the wheelchair had the cutest face and sparkling eyes. Yes, you could tell that it took her a minute to process things, but her face glowed otherwise. These people provided quiet entertainment for me for quite some time, but at last it was time for them to go. I was surprised at my poignant feelings as tears sprang to my eyes when they walked out the door saying their goodbyes.

I spent my day today running around. It was not unpleasant. I ate my lunch alone while writing out bills and proceeded to deliver them to their rightful places. I made my last stop my massage which I have desperately needed. All this rigmarole took all day long. Whew. Thankfully, I don't have much planned tomorrow. Not stuff I "need" to do anyway.

Hurray, let's play.


Mrs. Blogoway said...

that was a beautiful post. My little girl is afraid of older people and I always tell her, "they still feel young inside. Just like you and I do."

HeyJules said...

Lovely post about the older couple. Don't you just love eavesdropping?

On the matter of mammograms...I have to say getting your boobs squished is definitely weird but not as weird as having the woman technician put it in the machine and 'rearrange' it so it's all in there. Now THAT was something I wasn't expecting!

hepsmom said...

Older, ahem, seasoned citizens are so precious. I was asked this morning to go to a Sunday school class with some of them this morning. You know I have to mentally prepare for such things. I told them I would next week.

I can't wait to see what this is like. I AM SO LOVING THIS CHURCH.