Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness

I'm still here.

I have not yet withered away.

I have, I think, done very well with my food choices in the last two days. Of course, I may ONLY been eating out at the local wrap restaurant! Fortunately, their food is very good. I've been to the store and gotten some more things to help me along. Hepsmom kindly recommended Uncle Sam's cereal as a low carb alternative for breakfast. Alas, the store I frequent doesn't carry it. But I did find Special K protein plus. It's adequate. I bet it would be a lot better with a sweet banana in it, but after I sat down, I was too lazy to go back and get it. I chose to deal. Also, Bear Naked protein granola is a good choice, surprising me. Plus, I love granola. Hurray.

This, as you know, is Thanksgiving Day. I forget that it is only an American holiday, until I'm talking to one of my clients from Britain who reminded me not unkindly that the day didn't have the meaning for her that it does for me. Oh, yeah.

Predictably, I will be listing things for which I am thankful. (Sorry, I just couldn't end that sentence with a preposition. Don't worry, I'll probably do it later and that sentence will sound more "normal".)

My thankfulness is pretty random and not listed in the order of importance it should have. (Although I'll probably end up trying then it'll get all muddled as my brain switches to a ADD setting.)

I'm thankful for my family and the Christian values they raised me with. (pesky preposition)

I'm thankful for a God who loves me and sacrificed his only son to give me eternal life. I have become much more aware of the enormity of that gift since having a child.

I'm thankful for a loving husband who has been my faithful companion for 21 years now. His stick-to-it-ivness is staggering to me.

I'm so thankful for old-fashioned miracles. After being married for 15 years and using no form of birth control for 13 years, I became pregnant. I had always said if God wanted to give us a child, fine. If not, fine. I did not pursue infertility therapy or look into adoption because I couldn't afford it and didn't feel that was what we SHOULD do. I'm grateful those options have helped many, but they weren't for me. I can truly say that God gave us a child.

And what a child He has given us! Our girl is happy, imaginative, affectionate, grateful, mannerly, full of energy, thoughtful, stubborn, artistic, fun, playful, helpful, strong willed and independent.
She is pure pleasure. (Unless she is pitching a fit about something. Then, not so much pleasure.)

I'm thankful for my three cats. They are the most aggravatingly lovable animals I've ever had.

I'm thankful for little, lovely magazines about creative endeavors around the home, garden or art. Hot, lavender scented baths reading and drinking coffee. Quiet time.

Knitting with friends. While drinking coffee.

Blog reading. While drinking coffee.

Making bread. Also, while drinking coffee.

People who care about me and show of my weekly clients, Miss S, remembered my birthday and gave me some "extra" as long as I would spend it on myself. The same day, one of my dearest friends, knowing the way to my heart, gave me a gift card to a local coffee shop. One of my girls at work, K, was going to get coffee and asked if I wanted some. (Duh) Come to find out, she was making 2 stops for coffee. One for me and one for everyone else because I don't do st*$. How kind and considerate was that?! Last night when I went for my massage, (which G stayed late to do for me) she found out my birthday is coming up and gave me a a lovely little soap. This on top of sending me a 10 dollar off card for my BD.

The art of photography which has fostered the discipline to stop and look more closely and to look at things from a different perspective.

Art, creative expressions.

My sister, who is the textbook definition of independence. She has been all over the path of life and surprised everyone by becoming a very responsible mom and wife. She is my artistic "other half", encouraging and sharing ideas and projects with me. We are incredibly similar and completely opposite in many ways.

Friends, who love you through thick and thin. Happy and heartbreak. Comfort and questions.


Electricity, running water, air conditioning.

Dependable vehicles.

Freedom and the brave people who fight to protect that freedom.


There you have it. I'm sure when I walk away from this keyboard, a million more things will pop into my head. That's why I've purposed in my heart to extend this beyond today and find things to be thankful for everyday. For the little things and the big, obvious things.


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