Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's a Wonder I Didn't Have to Get My Stomach Pumped

Hurray for waking up and feeling great!

After going to work yesterday, that headache edged it's way back. Apparently, it was a migraine. When I got up that morning, I took 1 muscle relaxer, 2 Tylenol and a hot shower. That combo usually nips it in the bud. I could feel it coming back after I got to work, so I took another Tylenol-type product (just one), later I went home for lunch, laid on the couch in an effort to rest it off, and went back to work still dealing with it. After telling my client why I was running late coming in for her appointment, (I'd dozed off on the couch, hubby and daughter came in the nick of time---I had 5 min to get back to work from lunch!) my client offered me some over the counter migraine medicine, which I accepted gratefully, hesitantly and eagerly; mindful of all I had ingested over the course of the day. Sure enough, after about 30 minutes, it eased up. I usually don't take so much medicine. Call it desperation to rid myself of pain so I could work. Anyway, I valiantly fought that headache most of the day, finally winning after a long and intense battle. And miracle of miracles, I didn't make anyone's hair a crazy color!

My, the air is bracing today! As I came home from exercising this morning, I could see the yards and roofs of houses white with frost. It takes some getting used to, this time change. Now, when I finish Body Pump, the sky is lightening. I'm accustomed to returning home still under the cover of darkness. I liked that. It still felt early. Like the day hadn't started quite yet. If it's light, the day is well on it's way.

My family has kept unusual hours this week. They have gotten up early every day this week! I have no idea what this entry sounds like. They have been around me talking to me and each other the whole time I've been writing. AAARGH! Love them. Mean it. I think.

Started a new scarf (did I say that already this week?). It's looking good. Simply knitting the whole thing so it will go very fast. It's a black yarn with a shot of color every so often so when it's knitted up, it has almost a colored polka dot of sorts every here and there. I'm also using large needles so it has a bit of a lacy look to it also. Fast and easy. I promise that doesn't describe me as a person, just my projects. :)

Soooo. Let me get a move on with my day. I'll see ya later.

P.S. My toe is better and I can actually walk now!! Double hurrahs!


HeyJules said...

Sorry about the headache but dang that comment about "fast and easy" made me laugh!

Lady Em said...

I get horrible migraines. Two Excedrin Migraine and a diet pepsi cola MAX. Works wonders every time!!