Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adventures In Mommyhood II

O.K. I have perfected a new method of birth control AND have a new test for sanity. (As in how much do you have?)


It's called rethreading the car seat after pulling off the cloth cover and pulling out straps, then asking hubby to help re-install it into the car.

Oh, yeah.

When I went looking for something in the car, I found the car seat installed in the car as if ready for a trip. Uh-oh, what's this? Loose straps unattached to anything and extra pieces essential to buckling lying beside the car seat.

Call me crazy, but I don't think our girl should ride in the car seat under these unfinished conditions.

I begin undoing the straps again, unsure of how they are supposed to be, but knowing the current configuration is wrong!

Of course, I can't find the instructions which would make this, if not quicker, perhaps make a whole lot more sense. I finally find instructions for her first (original!) car seat and begin pulling together the gaps till I finally figure out the puzzle.

As I'm threading and pulling and pushing, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be faster if I just went and bought a whole new car seat. She's almost due for the booster anyway.


Wha...? Shoot, I missed a link that let's you tighten and loosen the straps. Now I have to unthread that piece and slip it through that metal piece and rethread it. All goes well, except that last little spot at the front of the chair where it kinda weaves in and out practically on itself it's so tight.

Just this last. little. slot...

After using the strap threader (didn't work), my fingers (to fat), hubby walks by and throws me a flat head screw driver. After fiddling, rearranging my position and holding my mouth, along with some very sincere praying (if I tell you I'm going to Africa to be a missionary you won't be surprised now), I FINALLY got that double stiched strap through that slender slot. I let out a rebel yell that probably startled the dogs on the next street, but I was done!

I'm going to start hiring myself out to high schools to speak to the teenagers. I am fully convinced that if their sex ed included assembling a car seat from scratch...
teen pregnancy would go down 100%!

Just an idea...


hepsmom said...

Nobody wishes you more luck on your motivational speaking tour, but as someone who spends many hours a day with teenagers, too many of them preganant ones, you'd have to perform some miracle. They won't think of the carseat thing as something in their future. If it's not right now, it's NOT. Ugh. Depressing.

I missed BP as well. Going to Tybee and doing all that unusual eating killed my stomach, etc.

BUT, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 6:30! Holla!

HeyJules said...


I do believe you're probably right about that.

mrs. blogoway said...

Those car seats can be bad.

InTheFastLane said...

Those stupid seats are just not made to me easily taken apart and put back together.

Stephanie said...

Lol that is too funny, I think that would help, but also carry around one of those fake babies that cry, wet and need constant attention. I think a lot of schools do that and it is a great idea. Good for you for getting it right, those car seats are devils to get in.