Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The best antidote for me when life is challenging, is to have something to look forward to that I'm really excited about.

It's not that life is bad, per se, it can just suck the, well, life out of me sometimes.
I enjoyed my trip home, but that was a long trip, and when you factor in our adventures it was kind of tiring.
I have a client who decided she couldn't wait to get her hair cut so she let one of our other stylists do it and now she's unhappy. Complicate that by the fact that she just spent about a thousand dollars with us to get extentions and now....what do I do about that?
We had a hairshow at the salon last night with just under 50 sorority girls in attendance. It went well, but it took a lot of energy to talk to them ( I was the moderator). We were there late-ish but I think it was successful. But it took a lot out of me after working and dealing with the above situation.
One of the cats scratched baby girl yesterday--twice. Yes, she's been aggravating the cat, but stil...Hubby doesn't care for the cats anyway and struggles between loving them (mostly because I love them) and wanting to throw them against the wall (or at the least, out in the yard.)

When I got home last night, feeling rather poor in spirit, it cheered me to have gotten a couple of new books in the mail and to find the latest Domino magazine on the counter. Getting a big hug from my favorite 4 year old helped matters immensely.

But the thing that is bouying me immediately is looking forward to this weekend. I'm in between trips and purposely didn't plan anything. Oh, except a massage (with reflexology this time--I've never done that before--kinda curious) and our salon is now offering facials and microdermabrasion (the latter I've never done before either) so I'm going to give our skin care specialist some practice. Poor me.

Having this to look forward to is helping to give me the stamina to push through these rough spots in my road.

What are you looking forward to?


InTheFastLane said...

I am looking forward to getting our tax money and paying off our SUV and then having an extra $800/ month to pay off other things! Yeah!

HeyJules said...

I'm looking forward to you telling me how good the reflexology was. I've never tried it either but always wondered if it would be worth the moolah...

mrs. blogoway said...

We're planning a trip to Galiano Island, British Columbia in August and it's all I can think about.. I'm so excited to get my first passport!

Anonymous said...

Once one reaches a certain age, the things one looks forward to in life change, or at least they have for me. I now look forward to my garden, 70-75 degree days, and watching my tomato seedlings grow. I also look forward to feeling well and becoming as self disciplined as I would like to be. Is that when I reach heaven?