Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're (Almost) Famous

South Georgia couple wins Mega Millions.

It wasn't us. I just wanted to quell your curiosity. I know the minute you heard about it, you were wondering.

No, I'm the same unassuming girl you read over the weekend. Unchanged by a windfall of millions suddenly appearing in my lap.

Lucky you.

Lucky me.

I've felt alternately happy and sorry for these people. (I don't know them.)

It must be surreal to wake up "the day after" in your same humble surroundings knowing that you are a millionaire but having nothing to show for it but a little slip of paper. Life changed...but not. Yet.

But, can you imagine how overwhelming it is? Suddenly, the world is on your doorstep asking how it feels to be a millionaire. I bet "friends" are coming out of the woodwork. Charities calling to offer their "congratulations and consider us when you give". I would wonder when going out to eat with people if they would always expect to be treated to a meal now because, "after all, you certainly can afford it."

I'm scared for them that after living paycheck to paycheck, they'll think they now have an endless supply of money. Let's face it, we tend to spend what we have.

"'We're not gonna change,' she said wearing flip-flops and warm-up pants. 'I'm too country.'"

You already have, honey.

You already have.


Bebe said...


Thanks for coming by to visit with me this morning! It is so nice to meet another Georgia girl! :) I absolutely love this Springtime weather. I have a friend that lives out in Montana and she's till having spots of snow ~ this is really my time of year down here on the coast!!

I read about that lottery and know what you mean ~ why couldn't it have been me??? I would have only bought what I needed ~ things like books and pretty shoes :)

Thanks again for coming over ~ I've added you to my GA Girls Blog Club and will say "hey" from time to time!!

Smiles...Bebe :)

HeyJules said...

You got that right. They HAVE already changed whether they realize it yet or not.

I used to wonder why God didn't let me win the lottery...then I heard the statistics about how many people end up in divorce court or worse...and now I realize being a millionaire overnight is probably NOT in my best interest.

Might be fun for a day, though...

mrs. blogoway said...

Have you ever watched one of those shows about Lottery Curses? So many people have had horrible experiences with winning the lottery. I would never have believed it could be anything but positive, till I watched that show. You almost have to keep it totally secret now. People are unbelievably resentful and greedy when they find out someone they know has inherited millions...

hepsmom said...

SO went to BodyPump. Beth didn't join me either. Although I have been trying to counteract it by eating EVERYTHING I can find.

I harbor no ill will toward you.

LunaNik said...

Did you know that 95% of lottery winners end up bankrupt or DEAD within a year of winning??

It's true. I watched a documentary about it not long ago.