Monday, February 25, 2008

For Inquiring Minds Only

Orange marmalade toast? Check.
Coffee? Check.
Cats snuggled in? Check.

It must be time to write my post.

Friday was blissful in many regards. My facial and microdermabrasion was a wonderfully relaxing time. It was also research and development for S. who is doing them for the salon. I've never had microderm before. I was slightly nervous. It was bearable. It felt as though she was rolling a ball with sandpaper on it across my face. It was actually a tube that blew and vacuumed crystals at the same time. Working in sections, she went across each section three times, each time going across in a different pattern. (Across, down, diagonal.) My cheeks were the most tender, so she turned down the intensity. It was really fascinating to me. Although I could tell my skin felt a lot smoother, I'm going to do a package of 5, or so, to see maximum results. (This is one of the perks of my job. Otherwise, this would probably be out of my price range or I simply would not spend the money on this, preferring to spend it on, oh paint, maybe.)

Her facial was soothing and relaxing. I melted into the table. She did it after the microderm. The worst part was, after the microderm, my skin was tender (especially my cheek area) and the pads that she used for wiping product off my face began to feel very rough and irritating. Since she is my employee, I was able to tell her all the picky things I noticed like: it would have been nice to have a rolled towel under my neck for support, the music was a little too loud, the lights could have been dimmed a touch more...More importantly, I told her that it was very relaxing and she has the most soothing touch. She is going to do well with this, I can tell.

I went directly from the salon to get my massage, this time with reflexology. Let's face it, I just wanted someone to rub my feet. I don't know if it made a huge difference, but it did feel good. I could feel that one foot was tighter than the other and she said the tightness correlated with my shoulder area which made sense. Once she started the massage, I think I dozed off a few times. I've never been that relaxed for her massage before. Especially since it's usually more like physical therapy and a good bit of it hurts. (But it always makes it so much better.) Couple my pampering events with a steady rain outside and you have a recipe for a well done "noodle".

I also decided to get some movies "just for me". Interestingly enough, hubby's been watching them with me this weekend. We've seen Little Miss Sunshine and Art School Confidential. There was a good bit of coarse swearing in both of them and a little bit of nudity in the second one (duh, art school models). I still have left to watch: the Devil Wears Prada. I don't know when I'll be able to watch that now that the week is back in full swing.

Chicago is waiting for me at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to going but a little apprehensive about the weather. Will it be too cold to bear? I'm a warm blooded creature. I'm planning to be conservative with my spending, there's nothing I need to speak of. And, since I don't have a lot to spend, that works out.

Speaking of spending, we officially have a leak in the bedroom now. The roof is becoming insistent that we do something about it. Nice.

Other than that, life's just peachy. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend and did almost all of them. The largest item being: cleaning out the refrigerator. I've put it off so long it was embarrassing and shameful. But! Now it's DONE and it looks like I have a new fridge!!

I think making a list works for me because I feel the weight of my responsibility and the need to get it done. If it's just in my head, I can pretend it's not there and play my procrastinating mind games. If it's written down, my first-born sense of responsibility kicks in and I get it done.

Harumph. Yea first-borns.


InTheFastLane said...

Orange Marmalade...It has been ages since I have had that. It was a staple in my parents' house, though. thinks you will be cold this week :)

Don Mills Diva said...

The facial treatments sound amazing. I really need to treat myself to something like that...

LunaNik said...

Oh how I wish I had job perks like that!

My only perk is the possibility of free legal advise and as of right now that's not much use to me =)

mrs. blogoway said...

You're making me want a facial!

Have fun in Chicago and take pics!