Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Haircoloring (try to stifle your yawns, please)

So, remember back in November I did the lady's hair red by mistake? Of course you do, don't look so puzzled! Remember I worked on it for about a week to get the red out? Weeeelll,

She came in last night for color and wanted to change it up to more of a honey-ish blonde a la Jennifer Anniston like. She's naturally a dark brown and first, I had to figure out how to logistically do this for her and keep the process manageable for her financially and for both of us time wise.

Did I mention we were having another make-up party last night?

D's appointment was at 4:30 pm, my appointment book said I got off at 6 pm. No. After hashing out what we wanted and how to do it, then cutting a haircut that was waiting, I started her when I was supposed to be finishing her.

Technically, I was supposed to have a small part in the makeup party, talking about the makeup. An overview if you will.

Fortunately, they didn't need me THAT badly and someone else did it. They need the practice anyway.

I got D's color on and got out of my space so they could clean and spread the makeup to kingdom come so everyone could mess and gom in that.:)

After D processed, I rinsed her just as the party started and we went to another more private room where I cut her hair and styled it.

I think it turned out well. The hardest part that I was concerned about was lifting that dark hair and having no red undertones. I discovered an additive in our color line called "anti-red" that I added to my formula and it worked like a charm! I was sooo excited. I have another client I'm going to use it on. I've been looking for 20 years for something to neutralize red undertones when lifting hair.



hepsmom said...

I'd like to commend you on your scientific prowess! Go you!

mrs. blogoway said...

I'm curious how you lifted the color off the ends of her hair and also what color line you use. Can you email me? Thanks.

Lady Em said...

I'm a natural blond with a love affair with red hair. But sometimes I get a wild hair and want to go back blond. It's such a dang process, and for me I never know what color I'm going to end up with. Most of the time I get a nice orange, and then have a freak out and run to Walgreens for red dye, and give up on the blond.