Friday, April 4, 2008

Almost, but Not Quite

First of all, think you guys so much for your supportive, encouraging comments about yesterday.

Second of all, I'm putting it in the "bank" for when I'll actually need it.

I ended up talking to the funeral home a couple of times yesterday. I screwed up my courage to call and tell them I'd never done this before and hoped they would give me a bit of a "heads up" about what to expect. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Did you know there is a special room called the "beauticians" room where they take care of the hair and stuff? They have several products, a special hair dryer and curling irons for the stylist to use. I asked if the styling of the hair was the same and they said yes the hair behaves the same way. You just have to spray it well so it will stay in the humidity. They told me to ask for a check after I was finished, which led to me asking how much do I charge. (Charge more than in the salon for a styling because you are making a house call and it is an abnormal circumstance.) All in all it was a very informative conversation and I was so glad I had asked. I ended up actually looking forward to the experience.

Later in the day, they called me again and told me they had good/bad news for me. They found K----'s hairstylist who is very familiar with her hair and makeup, so I wouldn't need to come after all. I told them to call me if they ever needed me and they seemed glad to have me as a contact person. Apparently this isn't something that they have people knocking doors down to do. (Wonder why? :)) I thought later about going to observe the process, but they didn't call me back so I left it. I know that they were very busy last night with two visitations, so I'll talk to them later.

I can't believe how tired I was last night. I had a headache all day long and I guess the emotional energy of dealing with the funeral home issue coupled with that whipped my butt. I feel good to go today.

Again, all of your comments warmed my heart. I fully expected some "OMG! That creeps me out!" My girls at work certainly did. I teased them and told a couple of them that I expected them to come with me.

I researched a little online and did you also know that a cosmetologist who goes to funeral homes to perform this service is called a desairologist? I'm going to see if there is any info at the library. This could be a good side job occasionally. We'll see.


As I'm fond of saying...
You just never know what a day will bring forth. Do you?


Jenny said...

I'm glad that it turned out well and your right I bet they are glad to have someone willing to come and help.

You inspired me the other day, so today I went and got my haircut! It feels so much better!

Have a great weekend!

mrs. blogoway said...

Isn't that something. It seems like the things I worry about the most, end up just fine... I'm glad they found her stylist. I'm sure that's whay that lady would have wanted.

HisPrincess said...

I think you handled the situation really well. Although I have to admit that I'm a bit let down! I was looking forward to hearing about how it went!