Thursday, April 10, 2008


Picture this.

I'm home for lunch. I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave to go back to work. Hubby has gone to nap for a few minutes asking me to make sure baby girl is in her room for her rest time as well.

I sit down in the kitchen at my laptop. I'm cruising. I hear my phone ring from my purse on the floor next to me. I pick it up wondering if it's the salon calling to tell me my next client cancelled, don't rush back from lunch. I look at my phone. It's my hubby.


I answer.

"Can you turn up the ceiling fan?"

I start laughing. Are you kidding me? I head down the hall to our bedroom.

There lays my husband in the bed under the offending ceiling fan. At this point I'm laughing so hard I can't stand up and pull the switch.

All I could think is that was something I would have done.


Jenny said...

Oh yes, I have been there! Usually I call Meghan (my teen).

Chad wakes up first during the week so he wakes me up, right now I'm trying to get him to wake me up with a cup of coffee in hand!


Lady Em said...

Hum....sounds like my Brent Boy. He does stuff like that to me all the time!!

Amy Nieto said...

lol that's too funny.

also, thanks for the birthday wishes!!!! :D :D : :D