Monday, April 7, 2008

Mrs. Green Jeans

Made the "mistake" of going to Lowe's yesterday.

One should studiously avoid Lowe's (at all costs--especially your pocketbook's) lest you find yourself mesmerized by the sheer bounty for the home owner and then find yourself commited to laying your own tile, replacing a tub AND toilet while sheetrocking and wallpapering the walls--with painted accents, of course.

Lowe's has the uncanny ability to give the home owner a "can do" mentality. "If you just buy all this cool stuff, why, the project practically does itself; it's so simple!"

Lowe's is at it's most dangerous in the spring when they have on hand every plant God ever created. You find yourself buying enough plants to landscape a small island then trying to keep them alive while you: A. try to figure out where to put them, B. find the time to tear out all the weeds, C. keep the plant alive for the remaining months while you alternate between A. and B.

Heed my advice, my friends, lest you too end up with pieces and parts to forgotten projects and plants who give you the stink-eye when you walk by, because you know that you are guilty of neglect.

Too bad Lowe's doesn't sell gardeners and handymen.

Then my life would be complete.


Jenny said...

That is the truth! Chad actually was a manager with Lowes for 8 years and we had more projects just waiting than any one family should!


Lady Em said...

Hehe, I know. I sure can't stay away though. Brent usually tells me he's going then quickly runs out the door, so he doesn't get a whole dang list of all the stuff I want, or all the stuff I want done around the house. The plant section is my weakness. My living room currently is under jungle statis. I love love love piling my house full of plants. I just hate it when the don't grow, which usually means neglect on my end, and I feel like a bad plant mom.

Amy Nieto said...

or husbands!