Friday, April 11, 2008

It's A Fashion Fiesta!

Big Mama is having a Fashion Fiesta.

Now, this is a "keepin' it real" fashion show.

Which means I won't be showing you my imaginary strappy pumps and funky platform shoes that I rarely wear. (You'd probably rather I would after seeing my wrinkled offerings...)

I wondered why I couldn't find any of my clothes and then went rummaging through the dirty clothes.

That explains this lovely t-shirt and skirt combo:

Another day, another version. This is one of my favorite skirts. It has a layered hankerchief hem. Please notice the bleach spots on the bottom of my shirt. Lovely. I'm a hairstylist, so at some point all of my clothes end up with color/bleach polka-dots.
I love graphic tees. (Can't tell can you?) They go with everything. Especially the classic t-shirt/jean combo.

Ah. My favortite t-shirt. It speaks truth to me. My favorite shoes. My other motto is: Life's short. Wear funky shoes.

Well, there you go.
I know your life has been enriched by this post.
Glad to be of service.


CrownLaidDown said...

I love your Princess tee-shirt! I want one just like it :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sister, I'm enriched! Just kidding! I'm looking forward to reading your blogs every day once my computer gets here. Maybe I'll have a chance to start one....I don't know though mom keeps me busy. I guess making up for all the years she had to do for us....Tell me again why I don't live out of the area??????? Much love to you. What more can I say...I've had a bad day so I'm trying to keep it light. I love you give me a call later so I cann vent if you feel up to listening to the same ole same ole....Love B.

Jenny said...

Cute shoes!

The fashion thingy has been fun to see what everyone wears!


Leigh said...

I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

Keetha said...

By George, you've got it!!!

I've been WONDERING why so many of the t's pictured in this Fiesta were all WRINKLED. I think you just solved my dilemma - - - they've ALL been pulled out of the dirty clothes!!!! You were just the only one BRAVE enough to confess it.

This has been a VERY fun Fiesta.

So far you are the LAST on the Mr. Linky list and I've visited them all - - - spreading my personal brand of "cheer" at each. Well, with the exception of the couple which were private and wouldn't let me comment.

Keri said...

If you've looked at any other Fiestas today, you'll see that you're not the only one digging through the hamper to show off your duds! :)

Jen said...

I want that T-shirt. I need that T-shirt. Speaking of which, I need another cup of coffee. Gotta go.

Big Mama said...

Love those plaid clogs. Too cute.

Sileena said...

Thanks for visiting my fiesta! Your hair is cute! And your little budding photographer - daring!! I have a healthy supply of flip flops due to the fact that I live in the low desert. My mom however lives in W. Wa and wears open toe sandals in the rain so...hmmm...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.