Friday, April 18, 2008

Thanks for Sharing

I think I've caught a computer virus.

I've been visiting HeyJules.

And I woke up this morning with an overabundance of "stuff" in my head.

Thanks for the bug, sistah.


HeyJules said...

Yeah, don't be blaming MOI! I believe your body is just revolting from all those new healthy shakes you keep throwing down it.

Have yourself a big bag of chocolate and you'll be better in no time. :-)

mrs. blogoway said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

hepsmom said...

Karl's wife is assistant principal at my school.

Some friends and I went to 119 Chops before prom last night. The "fun" was still on-going. There were quite a few people there.

We will have to go to Chops or Christopher's after my haircut next time. Both WAY better than Hugo's. We were talking about restaurants last night and everyone had had the same experience at Hugo's. It's really quite sad, because it could be a nice place.

Maybe we can do lunch one day this week, since I have spring break.

Peace and chicken grease.

Madison Richards said...

Computer viruses are nasty things, for sure. Hope yours improves quickly and without long-term 'ram'ifications...

Ms Dragonfly said...

omg, my computer is a nightmare! good luck with yours!

Madison Richards said...

Geez, now look what I started?!

Well, glad it's not REALLY your computer.

Have a great Monday!!