Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, the Indignity of it All


That's the way you start talking when you get a personal trainer. Like I did.

This probably means I'll start wearing sunglasses so big they look like dragonfly eyes and develop a penchant for designer purses.

No offense, but I'm not that kind of "gul".

See? A personal trainer will change your life.

They are also very nosy.

On the very first day, this chick begins measuring things I've been trying to ignore for a very long time. There are just some things it's better the world doesn't find out. My waist measurement is one of them.

Then! She has the audacity to ask me what I eat and that she wants me to keep a food diary!
I mean, if I want to eat Cheet-os on my time, that's my business. It's her business to work them off my butt after I eat them.

Can I get an amen dahling?!


HeyJules said...

Sounds right to me!

groovyoldlady said...

Well dahling, my personal trainer was a GUY!!! He didn't measure my waist, but 6 weeks into my regimen he did publicly praise my triceps.


Lady Em said...

Keep eating your Cheet-os, if you have a trainer you deserve them, because I know she is going to put you through work out HELL!! See I would need a drill sergant, a really really mean one.
I know I am so lame using hair color from the store, it just looks so appealing and easy in it's nice shiny box. I used to go to Sally and buy hair dye, but I always hated trying to figure out the measurements of what is it- the processer stuff? They will let you buy it though. And they do have great colors. Hum....I'm talking myself into a trip to Sally's. At thirteen I decided that I did not want blond hair anymore, and every blue moon I will go back blond, but then I get bored and see red, and get to dying again. I like funky hair, and I love red!!
I would not be able to keep a food diary, that would scare me way way to much.

mrs. blogoway said...

Oh you lucky duck. I've been wishing I had a trainer. Just someone to switch up my workout and make it fun again.

I think that's good that she's being that nosey. I wish someone would force me to keep a food diary. LOL.