Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the Homey Front

Spending a relaxing and satisfying morning catching up with some of my favorite bloggers.
Sipping coffee while watching the light slowly sneaking into my kitchen window bathing everything with a golden glow.
Learning how to make my own bathing products--naturally.
Got the idea from angry chicken. Love her posts.

Have resurrected the fine art of hand washing my dishes since the dishwasher tripped the circuit breaker and neither is budging, I was wondering if I should just dispense with the dishwasher altogether. The expense of a new one, the electricity used...then I read this article.

I've also been researching aromatherapy. Look at all the things natural essential oils help! I've been building my stash from the local health food store and checked out a couple of books from the library. Did you know that chamomile is a muscle relaxer?

Along with my now beloved protein shakes for breakfast, (may I recommend chocolate with frozen cherries?) I also discovered these uncommon English muffins. Toasted with a little apple butter? YUM. I've also branched out into using stevia to sweeten my coffee. I feel so much better knowing that it's natural and I'm not putting chemicals into my body. (Or fewer, anyway, I'm no purist.)

I'm feeling so much better since I began eating better. I'm eating loads of vegetables, but am getting a little bored. I've eaten squash, zucchini, broccoli and mixed greens for two solid weeks! Anybody have any good ideas? I'm starting to feel like an inadvertent vegetarian!


LunaNik said...

Kale. Try eating kale. It's wonderful.

Saute onion and garlic, add the kale, keep the pan wet with a bit of vegetable or chicken (low sodium please) stock. Don't let it wilt down to nothing! It's better when it still has some of it's curly-ness to the leaves.

Kale is best eaten over mashed potatoes...I have no idea why, but it's true. Let me know if you like it!!

InTheFastLane said...

I am not a vegetarian and can't cook like one or the Mr. would revolt. However, I try to alternate meat dishes with non-meat dishes. One of my favorite not meat item is black beans. You can even grind it up and use it like meat in lasagna, soups, chili. My personal favorite is black beans & salsa warmed and served over rice and topped with grated cheese. The Mr. even likes this one and I will add some chicken to it for him.

HeyJules said...

Try mixing those veggies in with lean proteins and a good high-fiber wrap. Or, cook up some wild rice medley or Quinoa and dump the veggies into that along with some seasonings or sauces.

That's about the extent of my healthy eating habits for the moment...

But...remember...the farmer's markets will be open for business soon and then everything will taste like HEAVEN!!!

mrs. blogoway said...

I make this a lot and it's so much better than the ones in the restaurants:


sweet said...

Getting back to the Stevia in coffee.... "It's a God send!" After all, He provided this natural sweetness in a leaf! No chemicals, No Carbs, No Glycemic index, No calories! I'm a fan of it, for sure. Have you tried the liquid flavors? I'm hooked on 2 drops of Chocolate Raspberry in my coffee. It's wonderful! Starbucks doesn't even tempt me anymore! There are lots of other flavors too, that you can sweeten water with and it will actually satisfy a sweet-tooth, without sugar! Try the Valencia Orange, Vanilla Creme English Toffee or Root Beer. It's called SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Flavors. The flavors are derived from essential oils from various fruits and plant based sources, stevia leaf, purified water and grapefruit seed extract as the preservative. Can you tell I'm a fan??

Anonymous said...

you can also cook and bake with stevia. SweetLeaf website has some good recipes. I'm glad to see some one else (sweet) is a fan!

InTheFastLane said...

I wanted to e-mail you about the comment you left, but your e-mail isn't listed so I am commenting here.

Anyway, I was interested in what you said about the seizures...When Dash was diagnosed with epilepsy, that was the exact type of seizures that he had. I don't know if there is a family link or not, but interesting and something to think about for sure.

The crunches...150 were in a row but the "Straight" meant that I was moving straight as opposed to when I do my oblique crunches and twist to the side.

Lady Em said...

Green beans, black eye peas, lima's, spinach....
Oh yeah celery!!
I love herbs, they are very interesting. Oh yeah when you go to the health food store, pick up some lavender tea. If they don't have it in bags, get a tea strainer and lavender buds. I love lavender tea, and it is so calming!!

honeybea said...

So first question is how do you get the "links" to work. Your blog has highlighted words that you can click on and it takes you somewhere else. Can you help me learn that. Cuz, when I referred to one of your blog posts I wishh I could have done that. 2nd, Could you send me some tasty recipes using lots and lots of veggies also. And where do I find this stevia stuff? And where do I go to get good healthy stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This town doesn't sell this stuff in the normal grocery like they do in California and such. And the health food stores around here are priced outrageous! Love you much