Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting My Priorities Straight

I am in panic cleaning mode.

Friends are coming from out of town next weekend, which means all out war on clutter, dust and grime. Basically tackling things I should stay on top of anyway, but need an "emergency" to take care of.

I decided to tackle the pantry first.

Did I mention they aren't even staying with me?

I plan to have them over for a few meals and just to generally "hang out", so the house needs to generally look decent and in order.

So I started cleaning and organizing the pantry. Never mind that the bathroom, (which could actually be used) or the huge hutch, (that you can't see for all the papers covering it) need immediate attention. And the windows should have been cleaned when I had that short case of spring fever a few months ago.


But the pantry (which resides behind a decorative curtain) will be organized, ready for possible nosiness.

Isn't it always the first place on your list of things to gawk at when visiting a friend's house?

Cleaning it brought to light some interesting discoveries. For instance, I discovered where about half of my washcloths had disappeared---they were on the top shelf, tossed as if someone didn't quite know what else to do with them. Methinks perhaps my DH helped with putting away the laundry. I have also accumulated no less than 4(!) boxes of cornstarch and 3 boxes of dry milk. I see lots of gravy in my future.

And when they ask for the bathroom, I'll tell them...

"Go look in the pantry."


HeyJules said...

Hahaha...I do the same thing!

hepsmom said...

Yes, I have used Myfooddiary, but now I'm doing Weight Watchers and they have an online presence that being a member provides.

Lucy said...

i often find forgotten items lurking when doing an emergency tidy up...