Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Unusual Wedding

The college I attended (many moons ago) had a deaf school as well. The deaf had their own classes, but attended chapel with hearing students and we dined and lived together also. Since I'd never been around the deaf community before, I had a crash course in sign language. I found the deaf to be fun, funny and patient when trying to communicate with a hearing person.

I've not had much interaction with the deaf since leaving college. That's why I've been so glad to gain a sometime client who is deaf. Laurie lives up north and her mom lives (and is from) this smallish town in which I live. When Laurie comes to visit, she has me do her hair and I've been able to brush up on my very rusty sign language. Fortunately, Laurie is a whiz at reading lips.

Well, today was Laurie's wedding day.

The salon was full of fluttering hands as Laurie and her bridesmaids chattered. At one point the radio became louder and I asked someone to turn it down. I wanted to add--"so they can hear themselves talk", but I wasn't sure it was funny to anyone but me.

I (along with my family) had also been invited to the wedding. It was my girl's first wedding. She, of course, enjoyed seeing the girls in their pretty dresses. Especially the bride, who looked like a princess. My girl looked like a princess in her own right with her pretty pink dress. There was also a bit of a stir when the "ringbearer" walked in. It was Laurie's service dog, a shitzu named Tally. I had never been to a deaf wedding, so it was fascinating to watch the three interpreters take turns interpreting for the bride and groom. As the pastor spoke, the interpreter interpreted for the bride who then signed her vows and then the interpreter spoke what she signed for the audience's benefit. It was quite an orchestration.

I wanted to go to the reception, but my shoes were already hurting my feet. Add that to having a five year old in tow, and---well, just use your imagination.


honeybea said...

I thought it was funny. You know, the comment about the radio.

InTheFastLane said...

I love that the dog was the ring bearer :)

hepsmom said...

Re your comment on my blog: Hey, you have no idea how long it took me to get out the door. I put my running clothes on at about noon. I wound up running because my lovely sister and I couldn't communicate civilly (is that how you spell it?). Once I got out there running, it was such a nice day, wow! I felt as if I'd done my equivalent of a marathon. And I DID it.

LaundryBasketCase said...

I had a friend at school who was deaf, but she never learnt sign language because she never went to a deaf school. I was amazed how she would know the doorbell rang because someone else reacted in the room and so forth.
Kids love weddings! Especially girls who are always wowed by the dresses.
PS: I though the radio comment was funny too.
PPS: Sorry I don't always get a chance to comment on your blog, but I do still pop by.

hepsmom said...

I saw this site and immediately thought of you. Here it is: I think you'll really like it!