Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pure Pleasure

This weekend has been one pleasure after another:

Sharing several meals and quality time with friends who came into town for a big game.

One of said friends is a massage therapist and asked to barter some highlights and a haircut for a 1 1/2 hour massage. (That meant 2 massages in two days after visiting my masseuse for my regular appointment. Poor me.)

Homemade beignets.

Coffee, conversation and haircolor.

Driving down the road stealing glances in the rear view mirror just to look at my daughter.

An unexpected day at home, just me and my girl.

Putting a sky blue bookshelf on an orange wall and filling it with books I love.

Discovering the big new bookstore has opened.

Drinking coffee and looking at books while my daughter plays with the train at the bookstore.

Having a friend come up (at the bookstore) and volunteer to watch my girl while I wander through the stacks.

Discovering a couple of my favourite magazines at the bookstore.

Receiving 3 bags of various magazines from a friend.

Having some sweet moments with my husband. (Especially a pleasure after a day that seemed filled with some not so pleasurable ones.)

A new fall tablecloth.

Two new (to me) dining chairs that are comfortable and (wow!) coordinate with the tablecloth.

Listening to my daughter read.

Drawing up a pattern for a purse since I can't find what I want anywhere else. I can't even find a pattern for what I want. So I'll do it myself. (Just call me Henny Penny.)

Playing "hiding and seeking" with my girl.

Cool weather that makes me say "Brrr. It's chilly out here!"

Hot tea.

Hot chocolate.

Being grateful and thankful for spots of pleasure in an everyday life.


Amy Nieto said...

haha no Star Athena is not me. Thanks for thinking of me though hehe :)

Amy Nieto said...

Also, wow, sounds like a very busy weekend!!

InTheFastLane said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jenny said...

Hot chocolate is what I am craving! I plan on stopping on the way home tonight and having some with the girls on the deck.

Fun, Fun especially with marshmellows!