Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Week's Worth of Action in Two Days

What an adventure filled week!

Monday I went to a neighboring town (if a town that's an hour away can be considered neighboring) to take a cutting and coloring class from instructors from Paul Mitchell. I didn't learn anything radically new, but it was a good class overall. I found it interesting to watch them use one foil for several hilites. That was their contribution to saving the planet.

In other news, I went shopping afterwards and found a pair of pants for $9.99--in a size smaller than I've been wearing! The length has to be altered, but I think I still came out ahead in the price. Besides, if for no other reason, I had to buy them as a trophy!

Our girl went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. After reading a couple of books on the subject she was ready and rarin' to go! She enjoyed it and was such a big girl...until they started spraying and sucking. She didn't like that too much. In hindsight, I think if they had shown her how those items worked before hand, instead of trying to convince her of their coolness while they were being used, she would have been more accepting. Overall, she was proud of herself for going to the dentist and spent the rest of the day going up to people and opening her mouth wide and pointing to her teeth. (You then were supposed to know that she had been to the dentist and tell her how pretty her teeth looked.)

I've been busy cutting and coloring. Thank God, because I can't count and my bank account reflected that this week. There's nothing worse than thinking you have money and acting accordingly and waking up the morning after depositing money in your account and finding you have none! I told my hubby last night that I'm so glad God still takes care of me even when I make stupid mistakes.

Usually Thursday is the end of my week, but I'll be "doing" a wedding this weekend and then will attend it later in the afternoon. Then I have to figure out what to take to church for potluck Sunday, then a class on Sunday evening.... the weekend will be as busy as the week!


InTheFastLane said...

I hear you on the counting do I mess that up all the time! Have fun!

Jenny said...

Well I hear you on the counting thing, but I normally discover it when I have those nasty bank charges!