Monday, October 27, 2008

Workin' 9-5 or so...

Woo--wee, it was chillery when I got off work this evening!

I tell you once I went to work, I didn't see the light of day until the last client left. It was one color after the other. And these weren't simple little retouches (well, one was, but she always takes me awhile.), noooo. These girls walked in to their appointed color appointment time and informed me they wanted to overhaul their color! "I don't have time for this!" I thought. "Let's get started!" I said.

Everyone's hair turned out beautiful...even the overhaul who has been uncertain about going blonder and finally went for it today. It just took awhile to get all that color and those highlights in there. Which made me run late for the next client who's hair I was doing for the first time. When I finished her, I had another waiting in the wings AND the guy waiting to get his hair cut.

Ah, just roll with it baby.

And I did.
And I knew I was done when the people stopped coming.

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honeybea said...

And when your done with that come hang more of my pictures. I'm tired too! We are some working girls, I tell ya!!!