Friday, October 3, 2008

I've Found Heaven on Earth

I am sitting here enjoying the most delicious mug of cocoa I've ever made. Piping hot. Extra marshmallows.

And today? Today all of my dreams came true.

Well. Any dreams that had to do with a certain craft store opening in my neighborhood. I drug my girl through that place for two whole hours. She didn't start asking if we were done until we were 2/3 of the way through! Bless her.

Holy Moly. That place is a crafter's nirvana.

Rockets, trains, knitting, kid's crafts, home decor, fabric(!), paint, canvas, beads, scrapbooking, candle making, and about 4 aisles of Christmas stuff! You name it, they've got it. They even have experiment kits and models for science projects. (I did the ear model when I was in school. The pieces are smaller and more life size now. Boo.)

I still haven't been for a run since Monday and finally found time to put some laundry on to wash. Maybe I can run after work tomorrow... gotta run off that marshmallow laden cocoa!

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