Friday, October 31, 2008

Luxury List

Someone asked me this week: "If you could have two luxuries, what would they be?"

Now, I'm not one for excesses.

I don't particularly want a luxury car, a Mcmansion or so many clothes that I turn a room into a closet.

You know what would be the ultimate?

Having someone drive me where ever I go.
Having someone clean my house every week.

My clients tell me consistently tell me that the ultimate luxury for them would be having someone do their hair every day and as soon as they win the lottery, they'll call me.


Only if the job comes with a chauffer and a cleaning lady.


Liz said...

Happy Halloween!

InTheFastLane said...

I don't mind driving...but If I could have someone do my grocery shopping and laundry and clean my house, that would be wonderful. Maybe, I need Alice, from the Brady Bunch!

ksw_rootswriter said...

I'm with you on having someone clean my house every week. For a couple years (while we both worked full time) we had someone come 2x/ month. It was really nice, but it was one of the things we cut when my husband became a self-employed stay-at-home dad. Every week would be truly cool!

The other thing would be to have someone do my grocery shopping (including taking it home & putting it all away). Once every other month or so I'd still want to do it myself, though (to see what new products are out there).

Now, here's the next question: what are some luxuries you currently have that you wouldn't like to do without?

honeybea said...

I like to drive, but the housecleaning! I want it everyday! And a pedicure. That would be my ultimate luxury. I'm content and happy with my iddy biddy life in my iddy biddy know the country song.