Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All's Well. And It Wasn't Bad to Begin With.

I got a taste of being a single mom yesterday while hubby was out of town overnight. All I can say is, thank God for a friend to take care of my girl while I worked. Then, it was rush, rush to gymnastics, or "play" as she calls it.

I didn't mind being alone. But then, you know that I like my alone time! The time one on one with my girl was precious. I really enjoy her company.

It was all good until the sun went down. I was tooling along, minding my own business of bathing a small child and leaving her to get her pajamas on. I had just settled on the couch for a couple of minutes of computer time when I heard a noise at the front door. (Was that a knock?) All my firends know I don't use my front door. Unsure and startled, I went to check on my girl hoping maybe she was framming around knocking into stuff, but no, she was still wrapped in a towel on her bed. Freak out! I begin walking around, cell phone in hand, wondering what to do. I start peeking out windows but see nothing. There were no more knocks and eventually I settled down but was now aware of every single sound. Everything was/is fine, but I was just so aware that I was alone and wondered how single women deal with that every day. I guess you get used to it. But I felt exposed. Like a sitting duck. What would I do if someone tried to break in?! How would I protect my girl? I went to bed praying against fear and slept well, but man, am I ever glad my hubby is home. I love the security and safety I feel (or don't think about) when he is here.

Speaking of being thankful...remember my multi-tasking knitting and filling a tire with air? Well, guess which tire blew out while hubby was on the way to his class Monday morning? On the interstate. In Atlanta. Yep, the one that's been going flat. I wouldn't wish a flat tire on anyone, but all I could think as he recounted his "adventure" was, "I am soooo glad that wasn't me." I've asked him to show me how to change a tire. I'm sure I've been shown before, but I realized I have no idea where the spare tire is on the truck and apparently, there are hidden keys to get the lug nuts off the tire. Good grief. I would have died a slow painful death simply trying to 1. find the spare tire. 2. figure out how to get it out from under the truck. 3. get the lug nuts off. 4. know there was a key to get the last one off. 5. figure out how to jack up the truck. 6. know that you loosen the lug nuts BEFORE jacking up the truck. Yep. Life as I know it would have been over. But someone had recently shown him just what to do, he pulled off in a good spot to change the tire and arrived just in time for class. What a guy!

Before he went up, we called a couple of friends who live up that way and they invited him to stay overnight so he didn't have to spring for a motel room! Again, I'm so grateful for generous friends! (Please God, make me a good and generous friend too!) To demonstrate my gratefulness, I baked chocolate chip cookies and instructed hubby to share with our friends. You know, you never go empty handed. I wanted to show my gratitude in a bigger, more tangible way, but went with what I had. Last night, hubby said on the way, he purchased a small decorative plaque for their home as a gift. I'm so proud of him! I didn't tell him to do that! He was so thoughtful! Again, what a guy!

I'm such a grateful girl.


Stan-the-Man! said...

Thank You, Lady! I am honored & humbled at your words!

The older I get the more aware I am of my imperfections and the fact that I should be respected because of my Creator and the value that He created extant in my person, not because I live in a way that is respectable.

(Sadly, I do not always. I am grateful that I acted responsibly...this time.)

I can't tell you how peaceful I felt changing that tire! The "peace that passes all understanding" was my cherished companion while I changed a badly lacerated tire (that did NOT cause me to swerve when it blew.)

The LORD directed me, but as always...for me at least...His thoughts were inaudible. When I heard the "FLAP,FLAP,FLAP,FLAP,FLAP...", I knew instantly "Flat tire! Look behind to change lanes safely (since I was in a middle lane!) Pull off! Set emergencies! Turn off engine! Look at traffic! Carefully open door!..."

Probably nothing different happened than service personnel (i.e. law enforcement, fire fighters, medical practicioners, etc.) would experience in a local, regional, or national state of emergency. Training "kicks-in" and you "know" what to do!

Being Christians, we know that the additional Person, called the LORD helps us to be peaceful when tires blow-out on I-285 in Atlanta or things go bump in the night when you're all alone... :)

InTheFastLane said...

When I first got married, I didn't like the Mr. to be away. But, now it is nice to have some time to myself now and then, like right now. But, I don't like it if he is gone over night. I can't figure out how to sleep by myself. It is weird.