Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Didn't Mean to Clean

I have got to pull my lethargic self together and go to work today. Yesterday, I was ready. Kinda antsy after having so much time off. Today-not so much. I'll be fine once I get the ball rolling.

The plan (my plan-which, let's face it, is the only one I think about a lot of the time) yesterday was that the other two people who live in this house, would get up, eat breakfast and go to the park for a couple of hours while I spent some personal creative time at home. Weeelll, they went to the 4pm. As active plans were being made (at about 3) I went into my girl's room to tidy up some books and begin going through some things to give away. Suddenly, my husband materializes and says, "Give me 2 minutes and I'll make that easier for you.(Going through the books) It's been awhile since we really cleaned her room anyway." He then proceeded to pull ALL the books off the bookcase and hauled the bookcase and the bed out of the room so I could vacuum. Granted the room did need that, and I ended up rearranging the room and vacuuming. Hubbby did bring the bookcase back in and made our girl help us dust it. Then they left me to it. It was satisfying work, I moved her bed to the bay window, but then needed a table beside the bed for a lamp. I scrounged in my craft room and found one that I had been painting and the colors (think pastels on acid) fit her room which is a happy lime green and bubble gum pink. I quickly finished painting it's edges. ( This was just the inspiration I'd needed) and put it into place. Aside from a sticky drawer and the perfect knob that I can't find a screw for, it's perfect. (Or will do for now.)

Cleaning my girl's room was one of those things that I hadn't planned to do, but I'm really glad I did. I got to work on my crafts briefly. One of my clients who is an artist and works as chair at the art department at the university said "take 5 minutes a day and do some art." That way you do SOMETHING. That's a challenge for me because I become absorbed and could sit there for hours as one thing leads to another (or I start cleaning the craft room).

I haven't made any thought out resolutions,(I pride myself on not planning to fail) but after reading my friend, hepsmom's blog, I very well may. Her resolutions are thought out and have a plan as to how to accomplish them. They sound more like goals that will actually happen rather than the bravado: "I'm gonna...." Which in my case is probably what I should be doing anyway but is full of rather a lot of hot air.

I went to a link that hepsmom posted called Goodreads. This looks like it will help me organize my reading and keep track of the books I read in 2008. I'm interested to see how many books I read. I tried writing them down and keeping a log, but forgot to write them down. Maybe I won't forget to post them.

Well, I'm off to start hiking through the unknown that is 2008.
Wish me well...


InTheFastLane said...

I did a very thorough cleaning of Dash's room the other day, when all I had planned on doing was helping him straighten up. But, I felt so much better afterwards. He is such a collector, that I should really do this every month.

hepsmom said...

Thanks! I really did put a lot of thought in them this year. How unlike me!

I'd suggest going to some self-helpish blogs in the areas you're interested in improving. The input they give is pretty awesome!

Good to see you in blogland!