Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Going a Little Deeper

This is one of those rare moments when all seems right with the world.

I'm sure a lot of that has to do with my attitude. Why is it some days you feel on even keel and other days you can't stand yourself?

I feel that I'm back on track. I went to exercise this morning. Even though my body tried to talk me out of it. And I was happy to be there! And thinking about my little morning routine just cheered me up even more.

I spent a glorious weekend at home. I only left the house to get a newspaper Sunday morning. I would just stare at my little girl wondering at the joy she gives me. I enjoyed companionable time with my husband. It was such an enjoyable time that I missed them when I went to work on Monday.

I know that things can't always be hunkey-dorey. When my hubby and I disagree, it's a time for building our relationship. It stretches it-like a muscle. It hurts while you do it, but it makes the relationship stronger in the long run. We've had a rough five years as we've adjusted to being parents and our relationship with each other has had to change and grow into a new shape, but it's nice to begin reaping the benefits of our hard work.

It's not easy for a first-born to be married to a first-born. Now, with a first-born child thrown into the mix, you can imagine the sparks that fly from all three of us independent, strong-willed individuals!

You know what I've learned in these recent years? I've had to learn to trust my husband's love for me. I most certainly do not always agree with him, but I trust that he has what is best for our family uppermost in his mind and (usually after giving him a piece of my mind) I trust him to take care of his family.

What? I think I could do a better job? God gave him that responsibility. You think I want to pull that onto myself?



Stan, Your Man! said...

Thanks, Lady!

I knew that I chose well when I asked you to marry me while we were students at Tennessee Temple University! I love you with all my heart! You ARE a most excellent lady!

You continue to prove me right more every day that though we can both be "stubborn as old mules", we can, also, both stand fast in God's grace when it is time to honor Him with faithfulness.

We are both more concerned with God's glory than our own respect!

I could not have chosen better! You remain my BEST friend, after the LORD Himself, of course!

I love you with all my heart, Most Excellent lady! :)

HeyJules said...

Yeah, just because you think you can do a better job doesn't mean you will like having to do it. Isn't it nice to know we don't have to run the ENTIRE show and can sit back from time to time and worry about the smaller things in life?