Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Day On The Town

Well, we did it.

We went to Augusta and had a lovely time.

While hubby talked with the photographer for research, my girl took some Christmas money to the Dollar General store and found a Polly Pocket dog tricks set. It is my studied opinion that whoever invented Polly Pocket and Pocket Pets (?) has no children nor any affiliation with them. Otherwise there would not be countless minuscule parts that sink in the depths of the carpet when you shake them out on the floor!

After a quick run through Wendy's where I chose an Asian salad over a burger and fries (thank you very much), we found the Children's Discovery museum. It's mostly over my girl's head, but there were a couple of sections specifically for her age group, as well as a humongous slide, play structure thingy which she LOVED. Every time she slid down, she ran to the starting point to do it all over again. It's so much fun to watch your child enjoy themselves...

Unfortunately, when I choose a salad as a meal option, I am hungry a few short hours later. We were headed to the mall and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Cinnabon in the food court. Be still my heart. First of all, I rarely go to a "big" city mall. Secondly, I haven't had Cinnabon in a VERY long time. (Both of those are very good reasons to eat something that is full of sugar and carbohydrates.) Right then and there I decided it was high time to live life to the fullest. My girl and I shared one of those big, ooey, gooey, cinnamonny, buttery pieces of goodness. It was delicious. Thank you for asking. Let's just call it lunch's dessert.

I was struck by how we dress as clones of each other. The stores sell all the "same" clothes. Middle aged women in their track suits for comfort. Women dolled up in their jeans and heels, blouses cut high and low. Guys swaggering around in fashionably matched "tough guy" outfits--the hat turned just so, tennis shoes so brightly white, you need shades to look at them indoors. Then there's the "AmbercrombieNavyEagle" clan. They just all look the same. There was this one guy that stood out in the crowd.(There always is isn't there?) I tried not to stare, so in the long glance I took I saw meticulously brushed back hair-longish, an impeccable goatee, layers of chains on a mat of chest hair courtesy of a shirt unbuttoned to "there", tight jeans and boots. He looked like something you'd see at a hair show. O.K., he looked like something I HAVE seen at a hair show. On his arm was woman who was riding the shirt tails of the good looks she'd once upon a time.
And there you go. A trip to the mall: a study in anthropology.

The trip to Augusta is straight down a long and lonely highway. It's an hour and a half drive and you pass through two towns on the way. Boring. If you're of a mind to, you can count the gas stations plunked down in the middle of nowhere. It breaks up the monotony. Talking to two of your best friends helps also.

In the last two days, my girl has come to me and her daddy on two separate occasions and said "come see,come see! I put stinkers in the potty!" And she did.

...And we are making stinkers in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} (hubby is also very excited about our news)


hepsmom said...

Since he's been potty-trained The Child has had many accidents of the liquid variety, but not one of the "stinker" variety. He never likes anything sticky or dirty on his hands, I guess that goes for everything!

Congrats on the success of Your Girl!

The story of the hairy dude and his chains made me throw up a little in my mouth.

I won't be going to BodyPump today. See my blog later for an explanation.


P.S. I think I sent this, but I don't know, so I'm sending it again. Sorry if it's a duplicate.

InTheFastLane said...

Hurry for putting the stinky ones in the potty! Cause for celebration!

In college, my roommate and I would go to the mall, just to eat at Cinnabon. It would be a whole meal. Of course that was when I was young and burning a zillion calories a day running track :)

Mrs. Blogoway said...

Cinnabon is the most amazing food in the world. I'm so glad they don't have one in our town (I always get one when I go to the airport 2 hrs away) but the next best thing are the Cinnabon rolls you buy at the grocery store and bake yourself in the oven. YUM.