Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Kickoff

I always go into the weekend excited and hopeful. I mean, here we have at least two full days off! Sky's the limit!

I always make big plans for myself in the back of my mind. I envision all the things I'd like to accomplish and feel it may be possible with the expanse of time before me. Invariably, I putter the weekend away and arrive a Monday thinking "what happened?"

This weekend, I'm going to try to roll with it, baby. I'm aiming (see, I'm still setting goals!) for a balance of relaxation and responsibility. I just want to enjoy myself. The way a weekend should be.

The weekend I envision will include:

hot baths
hot tea
making sugar cookies (I need different cookie cutters or we'll be making Christmas cookies forever!)
radio dramas
neatly folded and put away clothes


1 comment:

HeyJules said...

I'll take two sugar cookies and a hot bath to go please...