Monday, January 7, 2008

My New Ad Campaign

So, you know I worked Saturday.

Since I only work one Saturday per month, I usually begin at 8am and work "till they quit coming".

Well, Saturday, my first client (at 8am) was a 6 year old little girl. I've been doing her mom's hair for at least a couple of years now and "Mattie" and I have seen each other on several occasions although this was the first time I was really cutting her hair.

Mom informs me that Mattie wants to donate her hair to Locks of Love. Wow. This is gonna be a BIG haircut! Mattie's hair is below her waist! I asked Mattie how short she wanted her hair and she points to an area between her chin and her shoulder. I look at mom. "Really?" My eyes ask. Mom says Mattie has been talking about this for about 2 years, at which point I remember having this conversation before where mom and I were wondering if she knew that once we cut her hair it would be "gone".

Turns out, Mattie was so excited the night before (her mom said, "this is bigger than Christmas!) that she couldn't go to sleep and arrived in her parents room with pillows in tow announcing: " I can't sleep! I'm flipping and flopping! Can I sleep in here with you?"

At this point, I know this girl is ready to get her hair cut, so we begin --separating her hair into two low pigtails to mark the length and it comes! She turns her head back and forth letting her hair swing and gives a giggle. (This is sooo much fun!) I touched up the haircut and dried it all while she sat very still (between the excited wiggles). After polishing it up to a bouncy shine, I whisked off the cape. She jumped down from the chair and gave a jump to test it's bouncy potential, grinning all the while.

Daddy (who came to watch and capture the momentous moment on video) gathered her and her brother and headed for home while mom stayed for her "do".

As Mom was waiting in the waiting area, I heard her laugh. Once she got in my chair, she explained. "As daddy was driving the kids home, he was asking Mattie if her hair felt good being shorter and she replied: "Yes, it feels so good, it feels like I've just been born!"

I howled with mom!

And, I've decided on the new line that will run at the bottom of my business card:

"Haircuts so good, you'll feel you've just been born!"


InTheFastLane said...

Sometimes I feel that good when I finally get my haircut. I am so lazy and it takes me so long between cuts, that I really do feel different. Tomorrow is the big day.

ksw_rootswriter said...

it's cute. it's definitely priceless. but i guess i must have strange children, because when my kids were first born, all they did was cry! from the minute they came out...

:-) seriously, tho, i'm excited that she did it. my 4 sisters and i donated to pantene's beautiful lengths program last year (saved from haircuts that happened over the course of a couple years and all submitted at once). if your hair won't quite qualify for LoL, check out the Pantene program, which provides wigs for older women.


mary said...

Thank you for the chuckle. That is a wonderful story. I'm growing mine now for locks of love and can't wait to feel like I've just been born.