Friday, January 4, 2008

The Post That Should Have Cheered Me Up, Quite Possibly Screwed Me Up.

Ugh, I woke up with some lingering images from a disturbing dream. Let's look at some happy pictures and replace those images...

If you have peanut butter, who needs vegetables?

Here's a pretty little girl on her way to her first tea (chocolate milk) party. Dig those stripey tights! I want some!

Here's some Christmas silliness with Daddy!

What do you see here?

I'm so proud of my first doll

I had a heck of a time posting these pics and arranging them, along with the captions. GRRRRR. I deleted pictures more than once and the pictures just wouldn't move to where I wanted them. Fortunately, no ears were burned during my rantings. It's still not to my liking, but at least all the pics are here now. Enjoy matching pictures and captions.

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InTheFastLane said...

Cute pictures! I have been having wacked out dreams lately. One time I even woke up and had to tell myself not to have anymore dreams.