Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I heard a saying that whatever you are doing when it flips into the New Year is what you will be doing the rest of the year.

Uh-oh. Doesn't look as if I'll be very profitable in very many ways because I was...

No watching a ball drop, no counting down seconds to midnight, no hooping and hollering, no boozy evening making small talk with other people who are also just hanging around till midnight so we can all go home and go to bed.

I'm so boring.

No, in the light of day, the sun is not shining any differently than it did in 2007. It seems, if it is a New Year that somehow things should be shinier and brighter. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if it were truly a NEW year?! All the indiscretions of last year wiped away from yours and everyone else's memory. Debt, hurt...gone.
Of course, now that I truly think about this, the downside of that is, with the bad would go the good. I couldn't bear not being able to remember all the little things my girl has done; cute things she said or did, accomplishments she made. And there would be nothing to build on to make ourselves smarter and stronger.

O.K., it was a semi-good idea while it lasted.

Let's just learn from those mistakes, using them to our advantage and have a wiser New Year.

Thank you to all of my new found friends via this blog. What a gift you have been! I'm looking forward to sharing this coming year with you.


Mrs. Blogoway said...

I think that's true about what ever you were doing at midnight...

I was watching TV and it's highly probable I'll be doing that all year. LOL.

InTheFastLane said...

Hum...I was sleeping too. I tried to stay awake. The Mr. told me "There are only 8 more minutes." But, he had to wake me up to say happy new year.

HeyJules said...

Yeah, isn't blogging just the best? You get to meet all these cool people and become friends when you never would have in normal life. How cool is that?

Glad we met this past year. What a fun ride its been!